Moonshine Production

Moonshine is a product typical to the US and is traditionally produced in the Tennessee and Kentucky states. Moonshine is produced also from maize grains in the same way as our Whisky and also twice distilled to ensure no bad undertones.

Moonshine is however a white liquor product and is not aged as is the case with whiskies with wood that colours the whisky.

Moonshine is different from “Mampoer” and has a more smooth taste with no burning aftertaste normally found with fruit brandies and mampoer products.

Moonshine can be enjoyed in the same way as whisky neat or it can be mixed with your favourite mix or as a shooter and a party starter.


Farm Rietput 131,

Herbert Distrik, Kimberley, 8300

PO Box 4411 Rietvalleirand, 0174

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18