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Experience the essence of Battlefield Distillery’s collection. Our specialty lies in crafting small-batch Whisky, Rum, Cane, Moonshine, Liquorice Liqueur, and Cream Liqueur. Each meticulously handcrafted for an exceptional taste. 

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Veldslag® Premium Whisky

Corngold® Whisky

Verkenner® Premium Rum

Loopgraaf Liquorice Liqueur

Traditional Melktertjie Cream Liqueur

Candyfloss Melktertjie Cream Liqueur

Authentic Tennessee Style Moonshine

Blue Top™ Pure Cane Spirit

Tjontjobina™ Spirit Aperitif

Veldslag® Premium Whisky & CornGold® Whisky

Whisky Production
Introducing Veldslag® Premium Whisky, the pinnacle of our collection. Crafted in a manner akin to our other exceptional whiskies, it distinguishes itself by maturing in port barrels, achieving an exceptional 70% alcohol content, delivering a truly distinctive flavor. Savor the true Tennessee tradition with CornGold® Whisky, distilled over open fires, charcoal-filtered with local wood, and aged for a minimum of three years in red wine industry oak barrels. Each sip embodies heritage and flavor.
Rum Production
Savor the distinctive flavor of Verkenner® Rum, crafted from sugar cane by-products. Twice distilled and aged for a minimum of three years in lightly roasted oak barrels, it boasts a deep, smoky profile that defines the essence of classic rum.
Melktertjie Production

Melktertjie products honor the courageous women and children who supported Boer Commandos during the Boer War, providing supplies and shelter amidst the conflict, showcasing their resilience against the well-provisioned British forces

Cane Production

Transport yourself to an island paradise with Blue Top™ Cane, a top-tier spirit crafted from sugarcane by-products. Ideal for energizing any party, this versatile libation adds a touch of island flair to your favorite cocktails.


Moonshine Production

Moonshine, synonymous with the Prohibition era, rose to prominence in Tennessee and Kentucky. Crafted from maize grains and double-distilled, our Moonshine mirrors the process of our Whisky, guaranteeing a smooth and pure taste without any undesirable undertones.

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