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About Us

Battlefield Distillery, a craft distillery nestled along the historic battlefield route in the Northern Cape, tracing from Oranjerivierstasie to Kimberley, where pivotal battles occurred during the early Anglo-Boer War. The distillery, set on the very farm where the second battle unfolded in November 1899—known as the Battle of Graspan or Roodelaagte—crafts small batches of handcrafted Whisky, Rum, Moonshine, Cane, Liquorice Liqueur and Cream Liqueur. This site bears witness to history, including the heroic Major Plumbe, remembered for his faithful Jack Russel dog, Dickie, who stayed by his side for six hours after he was fatally wounded in battle.

Battlefield Distilleries, het ontstaan weens ons liefde vir die geskiedenis en veral die Anglo Boere oorlog weens die groot rol wat dit in die vorming van die moderne Afrikaner en breër Suid Afrikaanse gemeenskap gespeel het. Deur die skep van kwaliteit produkte wil ons die Boere Oorlog weer lewendig maak vir die verbruikers wat die geskiedenis en die Boere Oorlog geniet. Nou kan die geskiedenis geproe word en kan die veldslae en die ontberinge van die Boere herleef word rondom ‘n kamp vuur.

At our distillery, authenticity is paramount. We craft our products from the ground up, starting with whole maize grains cooked over open fires to convert starches into fermentable sugars. This traditional approach imparts a genuine and rich flavor to our offerings.

Our Whisky and Rums undergo a meticulous aging process in roasted French oak barrels for a minimum of three years. To achieve a deep, mellow, and smooth taste, they are slow-filtered through local “Suidwesdoring” wooded charcoal.

Utilizing local underground water, in conjunction with open wood fires and charcoal filtering, results in a truly unique taste profile that reflects the essence of this rugged region. Our commitment to purity means no additives such as flavors or colorants are introduced, providing you with a pristine and unadulterated product.

French Oak barrels
Deep, Mellow and Smooth Taste
Pure Craft

War in Colour

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